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Movie Title:  Starry Night Lone Star 2016 AKA  Greed 탐욕 의 별
Director:  Jung Wk Kim 김정욱
Stars: 김민기(정민), 코가와 이오리(미카), 김상우(창일/카나메)
Genres: Romance, Erotic
Format: MatRoska (Mkv)
File Size: 600 MB
Resolution: 1280×704
Running time: 1h 24m
Sub :
Language: Korean / Japanese
Encoder : HQ@Mkvcine
Source: 탐욕 2016.720P HD H264ob.mkv


From Japan to study in a daughter Eun mom lonely. Except for sure if knows that the father of a young woman with wind and for that reason I have two being separated. Jung Min Son has the Father and hostility over her. One day, Eun will return briefly to take Mika and her fellow Korean-Japanese Friendship kkana mail. The house was crowded and lonely people in a long time, held a small party sufficient to lure the mother of kkana Tome sure if that Playboy temperament and mother should also actively responded to him josimseureopji million. Jung Min who has a crush on Mika is still open. However, the story difficult over the interpretation of sure if the two are quite well suited. Eun odor is right Jung Min is an upper limit to inform your father’s affair to Eun trick is urgently tanked drunk drinking. Going to buy a fallen wine Mom and kkana mail. Tweaks seuchideut hand kkana Tome mother. Only josimseureopji it felt in a long time mom warmth heart shook, while Jung Min and Mika knock to take drunk sure if the room spends alone time. Alcohol is four picked drink any more people eopja sure if mom kkana Mae and two of the Liquor the split kissing and beyond the line. upstairs in Jung Min and transformation of Mika looked Folded compelling bizarre affair is going on, go have sex mom and lonely young man ripe in the downstairs

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